A Family Gathering.

The tone of tension and inter connectedness as we are all part of the same instrument and all of us are family and can’t help that as much as we try. As much as sometimes, it’s easier to not interact with some, favour others, and struggle to know what to do with the in between.  Interconnected stories that can’t help but be spoken and versed all together is what it’s supposed to end up and look like, melded together in the love and sacrifice of our LORD and Saviour. But we can barely look each other in the eye without seeing hurt or guardedness in the eyes of the other, or feeling it well up in our own hearts. So many barriers to connection and no one, it seems, to break them all down again. No freshness and things rotting that were never addressed. But what does it look like for us to love in such a way that we can have peace together instead of being fragmented pieces and fractured stories? It’s too much. Too much for us to bear on our own the generations of baggage and brokenness that have wreaked havoc and still need to be dealt with. Too much navel gazing preventing us from looking each other in the eyes. Why can’t we look each other in the eyes? We need to be able to look each other in the face and behold the person on the other end of our gaze or we won’t stand together. And we need to. Instruments need tension to play music, and this generation is ripe with many kinds of tension. As His instruments of mercy, He uses us to sing the song over our generation that needs to be sung in order to set us all free and call all the wandering home. To resurrect in us all the things that had been mortaly wounded and left to die. To be able to see beauty we need to let down our guards again, knowing there’s real potential to get hurt again, but knowing it’s the only way to love again. And we can’t do that without His help. Come LORD Jesus and make sense of our fragments. Make our minds and hearts whole again and sing over us Your lullabies of war that will wreak havoc on the brokenness that daily tries to enslaves us.


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