Not yours, but Mine.

She walks down the candle lit Victorian-styled corridor to where the Main Hall is, her hard heels meeting dark hard wood, sending an echo of her passing through neighbouring rooms and chambers. It seems strange, because she’s not sure how she came to this place, but now that she has been here for a time, it feels even more familiar than her family home she grew up in ever could. She’s not too sure what to call this place, but a Home seems fitting. Though it has the warmth of home and feels safe and charming, she feels a vast and mysterious quality to it. As she rounds the next pass, she sees that some others have already gathered and are pouring over manuscripts of every size – some quite large, others moderate, and a few small. The manuscripts – though not particularly eye catching – are quite fascinating upon further and more careful inspection. Though undoubtedly ancient, they show signs of aging but no disintegration or abuse. Though they are from ages past and have seen much use from the time of their creation, they are still sturdily bound as a book freshly printed. Before one knows it, they find something  that is stronger than the curiosity that turns into inspection internally drawing themselves to the book and almost into it. Before one perceives it, inspection becomes a whole-hearted study in which one forgets time all together.

She was never previously taught the ancient languages that were inscribed in these manuscripts, and she doubts any of the others were either, and yet when she reads the foreign scripting on the page she can’t help but feel a sense of comprehending. She sits down in a desk nearby, and scoots the chair under, pulling the manuscript towards her as her focus is fully engulfed in its pages. As she continues to read as she has done before, the words become more familiar as if there were a form of teacher sitting with her, explaining and making known to her the purpose and meaning of the words. As she pours over their meanings and contexts, she feels in herself a sort of preparation and building up as if something were being manifested inside of her. She vaguely starts to become aware that though she reads this book, the book may be the first she’s ever read that’s reading her. A sense of readiness and self-awareness drapes itself back over her as she feels her attention being pulled away from the book. She looks up and sees that the others are also attentive and in wait.

It’s time.

And with that, her and the others rise and vacate the Main Hall and proceed to the armoury  chambers below. As she walks silently with the others, her mind is filled with processing what she has just studied, and her mind and heart find their steady focus. She feels in her innermost being the power of the words she read and the meaning behind them like a warmth through her entire body. She is armed and prepared for war.

Ducking under a ghastly ghoul’s arm, she hurls some of the energy from within her and Light explodes from her, sending the faceless dark form tumbling backwards over itself. Before it can hit the ground, it lets loose a silent scream that can only be felt and not heard, disintegrating into a cloud of smoke. She has no time before she must whip around and face the onslaught of the sickly thin demons that stand at least nine feet tall, a swarm of darkness shrouding and collecting in one vicinity as they group together, drawing towards her. With a few others, she let’s loose more white Light that sends a few of the hellish goons scampering, and sends others writhing and soon to be finished off as another burst of Light is released. She thinks it’s almost unfair how easily dispatched the demons are with the Light, but with aggressive focus, she fights on..

only to suddenly realize that she’s been almost completely surrounded by another group of demons that have been gathering behind her. Her heart drops to the floor as they are almost upon her and she can only see some of her comrades fighting off other demons through the swarm, too focused in their own battles to see she’s in deep, deep trouble. Frantically, she let’s off Light and tries to not lose focus on the source of the Light and the words she read in the manuscript. Already she can feel the dark shroud creeping towards her like a curtain falling between her and all those who can help her. She struggles hard for focus and struggles even harder to fight off the Hoard, but she is losing ground and losing hope. With one last attempt at self preservation, her Light sputters as her dread gets the best of her. She is engulfed in darkness as the demonic beings reach towards her and she falls to the ground and can’t see, her soul giving way to the despair that is collapsing in on her.

And behold, a Light brighter than the sun surged and exploded around her and the dark beings were scorched by it. She lay in a heap on the ground, all energy gone from her body. A man came towards her and rolled her over to see her face, but before she could see who had rescued her, she passed out.

She squinted her eyes tightly as a light too bright with even closed eye lids filtered through her bedroom curtains. In a panic, she suddenly remembered that she was being overcome by darkness and sat bolt upright in bed, drenched in sweat and tangled in her sheets. Panting, her eyes darted to and fro to assess her surroundings for any danger. In her distress, she started to come to and realize she was back in the Home. As the wave of adrenaline dissipated and her heart rate slowed, her whole body began to tremble with intense exhaustion. She sighed and collapsed backwards onto her pillow, sinking into a deep sleep.

She paced her room with her slippers making little swooshing sounds on the floor with each stride. She was waiting to have Counsel and demand why she was almost overrun by the Hoard and why the Light had failed her. She still felt inside her lingering distress that was manifesting into an enraged anxiety attack.

Because your heart was not where it should have been, and your understanding incomplete. And so this, you must know. The Light was given to you to defend what I have already won.  The battle is not yours, but Mine. 

And this word I have for you as a reminder: לָגוּר-Dei.

And all fear parted from her as the Counsel ended.


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